What is really important?

Yes, your eyes don’t need testing, this post is in English.  Mainly because some of the participants have been English, but also because I hope it will reach more people than my usual readers.

And because what you’re about to read, is really really important.

For a while now I’ve been playing around with the question “what is really important?”. I’m not the greatest philosopher, but I’m an expert at observing.  And I was getting scared…  From where I sat, it looked like the whole world have become obsessed with “things”.  The new car, the bigger house, the Woolies food rather than the Checkers food, the designer clothes and the latest cellphone.  Have we come to a point where “things” are important?  And do “things” make us happy?  And on a more selfish note, does that mean I can never be happy, cause I chose to work in the NGO environment, with little money?

So an idea was born.  Let’s ask people the question, and see what they answer.  I sent out a mail to some random people on my address book, asked a few on skype and a couple on BBM and sms.  I asked them to use their phone/camera, take a picture that will answer the question, and send it to me with a short discription of why THAT is important.

Here are some of the answers:

DEON: This is my friend Jano. The photo represents friendship, good times, friendly faces and happiness.

JACO: My son Jason, the most important.


LOUISE: To appreciate creation while we are still alive.
MARKO: My wife, Philippa.


CHARL: The ideas I get for my Good Moods project, that brings happiness to other people.


GIZELLE: My family is the most important. Everything else can be replaced, but not your family.

FRANS: Having any meal with family or friends is the most important. Spending time with people you love.


RENE: A proud dad with his daughters.



MELANIE: Time - to make time for the things/people that you love, and to use your time on earth optimal.


MICHELLE: Family is the most important.




JEAN: To enjoy being engaged, as I only plan to marry once.




MARIETA: Love is the most important. Love for your husband/wife, your parents, your siblings, your family and your friends.


ILSE: Rain. Nothing can exist without rain, everything looks clean, and rain gives life.


RONEL: My mom and two brothers are the most important. My mom is my role model.


MICHAEL: Being able to use all my senses to experience the beauty of the world is the most important

JACQUES: My family is most important, as they've always been there for me, and got me to where I am today.


KAREN: My relationship with Robbie (my fiancé) is the most important. I'm the happiest girl alive!










DIRK: Being with my friends.






Did you see it?  Did you?  These are the things that people value as “important”.  These are the answers that came through, within seconds of me asking the question.  No thinking required, just straight-up honesty.

And can you see what the best part of this is?  None of these really important things cost any money.  They are not even “things”!  It’s moments, nature, relationships, feelings and people that’s important.

So let’s stop the car for a moment, put down the cellphone, switch off the tv and focus on what’s really important.  Let us create those special moments that will pull us through our darkest hour.

Because face it… what’s more important than that?



  1. Absolutely true! We are so obsessed with what we do NOT have that we miss the real treasures already in our lives. Was speaking to a friend the other day about how fast paced life is right now. Always chasing a reply or working on something that we never get to savor the moments that we’re given. Great post. 🙂

  2. Hey Della,
    Dankie vir jou blink idea! Dankie dat jy ons so herinner wat belangrik is en dat jy ons die kans gegun het om regtig hard en diep daaroor te kon dink. Jy’s ‘n amazing persoon en ek sê elke dag dankie vir jou invloed in my lewe. Bly net so stunning soos wat jy is! Ek is baie lief vir jou!

  3. Thank you very much Adele. During my cancer treatment, I have learnt that the human being is very adaptable. I have also learnt not to sweat the small stuff. Like everyone has said, time and family are much more important than the big cars and houses or ones work. Make time to spend with your family and loved ones. The biggest gift you can ever give to someone is to lead them to Jesus. If I didn’t have God im my life, I honestly do not know how one can cope. Miracles still happen. I am God’s child and no enemy can touch me. We can choose life and blessing! Live each day to the full and spend your time on the things that are really important!

  4. Adele, you really know exactly how to capture a person’s feelings in your passage. It is hard to believe that not one person chose something of earthly value, but instead everyone chose something heartfelt. I guess it just goes to show that no matter how much you paid for your car, house, cell phone or any other earthly item, it will never beat the value of your heartfelt items such as family and friends.

  5. Ek kan net alles 100% beaam. Adéle dit was ‘n stunning idee. Geen materiële dinge kan die genoemde dinge ooit vervang nie. Dit sal eenvoudig nooit geluk bring nie. Ons sien die bewyse daarvan rondom ons elke dag! Ek sê dankie vir mense soos jy met sulke awesome idees om almal rondom jou se lewens te verryk met dinge wat regtig waarde het. En ek sê dankie vir my suster se genesing en dat sy ‘n absolute inspirasie en ‘n awesome persoon is! Ek is lief vir julle almal!

  6. Ek sit in trane en lees. Dankie vir die wake-up call.
    Geloof, Hoop, en Liefde!

  7. LOVE die blog post! Hoop dit is ‘n tipe paying it forward gebaar waar almal vir almal daarvan vertel!

  8. Wow Adele – this is so wonderful! So personal and so true! And we are so blessed to have people like those who responded to your blog in our lives…family and friends! Thank you for the inspiration and amazing blog!!

    Believe that you’re special,
    through the hurt and the pain,
    for sunshine will come, after the rain.
    Hold on to your dreams, let them not die
    and live not in torment by questioning why?
    The answers are somewhere and sometimes unkind,
    with so many reasons you will never find.
    Be true to yourself, don’t be what you’re not,
    for often you’ll find, you’re all that you’ve got.
    Don’t become battered by games people play
    and don’t take to heart what others may say.
    You’ve got so much life and so much to give,
    go out and enjoy it, go out there and live!
    Though heartaches are many and tears they will flow,
    the more that you live the more you will grow.
    There are many that love you, don’t ever forget,
    let the past be a lesson, you do not regret.”

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